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Princeton Fire and Rescue Department​

Most Frequently asked Questions:

1. Can I bring a group of people into the fire station for a tour?

Yes. We are always happy to give tours of the fire station and let the public see our equipment and ask questions. Please call the non-emergency number and leave a message to set up a tour time.

​2. Why does the fire department come when I ask for an ambulance? 

Fire trucks are staffed by cross trained firefighter/EMR's. A fire truck is dispatched with the ambulance on many calls for additional manpower or resources. In some cases the fire truck may be closer and can initiate medical care before the arrival of the ambulance.Together, the fire truck and ambulance crews make a highly efficient team to provide you with an unsurpassed level of care.

3. What is the best kind of fire extinguisher for my home?
A multi-purpose (ABC) fire extinguisher is best for the home. Look for the rating to be at least 2A-10B-C on the label. This extinguisher can be used on any type of fire commonly found in the home. We recommended installing an extinguisher in the kitchen and in the garage.

4. My Smoke detector or Carbon Monoxide detector is chirping, what does that mean?

​Usually that means your battery is dying. Even if the battery is chirping, the detector is working. We recommend testing your detectors every month and replacing the batteries once a year and the detectors every 5-7 years.

​5. My CO Detector is going off, but I don’t see or smell anything. Should I bother calling the Fire Department?

Yes – after assuring a safe evacuation! Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, invisible gas. CO detectors are very sensitive and designed to alert occupants prior to CO reaching deadly levels. If your detectors go off, call the Fire Department and evacuate the home. Be sure to notify the Fire Department if anyone in the home is experiencing flu-like symptoms. The Fire Department has specialized equipment to detect and measure amounts of CO in your home. Please DO NOT open doors and windows before the Fire Department arrives, because this makes it difficult to determine the cause of any CO that may be present. NEVER hesitate to call us.

6. What if I smell Gas in my home?

If you smell gas in your house, leave the house immediately. Do not stay and call 911. Do not turn off any light switches or unplug anything. Call 911 from a neighbors house. Do not re-enter the house for anything. 

7. How do I become a Princeton firefighter?

Becoming a firefighter for your community is great experience and rewarding. Stop by City Hall and fill out an application. We usually once a year if we are not fully staffed. We encourage everyone to apply. 

8. I own a vacant structure that needs to be demolished. Can you use it for training?
The department does use vacant structures to conduct training. From single-family residences to large commercial structures, these buildings provide excellent training opportunities for firefighters. Please contact the fire department at (763) 389-2410.

9. Can I have recreational fire in my backyard?

Yes. As long as it is within the City of Princeton's ordinance. Fire's must be no larger than 36" in diameter. An adult should always be present at the fire. Fire's outside the city limit's should also be smaller than 36" in diameter and allowed when DNR red flag warnings are not in place. Fire's larger than 36" need to have a burning permit from the DNR.

10. Does the Fire Department fill fire extinguishers?

Princeton Fire & Rescue Department is not equipped to fill fire extinguishers. However, you can find local fire extinguisher businesses in the yellow pages or online to refill them.